05-2023 Submitted the first draft of my thesis to my promotor! :muscle: :sparkles:
04-2023 Teaching cybersecurity to the Executive MSc. students at Leiden University. :woman_teacher:
03-2023 Hosted WICCA for a meetup for Women in Cybersecurity on “Cybersecurity in the AI age”.
02-2023 Our SoK paper on XAI for cybersecurity has been accepted at EuroS&P! :scroll:
02-2023 Serving as mentoring co-chair for the EuroS&P 2023. :school:
01-2023 Giving a talk about alert-driven attack graphs at the Digital Security group, Radboud University. :woman_teacher:
12-2022 Giving a talk about alert-driven attack graphs at Prof. Stoelinga’s group, University of Twente. :woman_teacher:
11-2022 Panelist for a webinar on MSc. scholarship opportunities in NL organized by the Pakistani embassy.
08-2022 Co-chairing the Cybersecurity Next Generation (CSng 2022) workshop. :school:
06-2022 Giving a talk at the CyberVSR Alumni Panel at RIT. :woman_teacher:
06-2022 Our paper on streaming sequence clustering has been accepted at ECML/PKDD! :scroll:
06-2022 Presenting our work on heterodox methods for interpretable AI at the HMIEAI Workshop. :scroll:
05-2022 Attending the Our Future Leaders programme at the Recess College. :school:
11-2021 Serving as a mentor for the iMentor workshop at ACM-CCS. :woman_teacher:
11-2021 Presenting a poster on Alert-driven Attack Graphs at ACM-CCS. :scroll:
11-2021 Co-chairing the Cybersecurity Next Generation (CSng 2021) workshop. :school:
08-2021 Presenting our work on SAGE at the KDD AI4Cyber workshop. :scroll:
08-2021 Presenting a poster about SAGE at the Machine Learning Summer School. :scroll:
06-2021 Our paper on SAGE has been accepted at VizSec! :scroll:
03-2021 My photo entry about the concept Open won an award during Open Education Week. :trophy:
11-2020 Co-organizing the Cybersecurity Next Generation (CSng 2020) workshop. :school:
05-2020 Acquired the University Teaching Qualification (BKO, in Dutch). :mortar_board: