“Cyber Security Lecture Series” contains the education material developed as part of the CSE teaching team.

Cyber Security Lecture Series

Topic: "Security Testing - Checking for what shouldn't happen".
[CSE1110] Software Quality and Testing
2019 - present
Topic: "Web Security - Exploiting and Mitigating the OWASP Top 10".
[CSE1500] Web and Database Technologies
2019 - present
Topic: "Breaking databases via SQL Injection attacks".
[CSE1505] Information and Data Management
2018 - present
Topic: "Using Sequential Traces for Attacker Behavior Analysis" (Guest lecture).
[CS4035] Cyber Data Analytics (MSc.)
2021 - present
Topic: "Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)" (Guest lecture).
[CSE2525] Data Mining (BSc.)

Thesis Supervision

Master theses
"Critical Path Exploration Dashboard for Alert-driven Attack Graphs".
Sònia Leal Díaz (University Carlos III of Madrid)
"Real-time Attack graph generation using S-PDFA".
Ion Băbălău
"Robust Attack graphs".
Dennis Mouwen Thesis
"Mining Attack Strategy: Using Process Mining to extract attacker strategy from IDS alerts".
Geert Habben Jansen Thesis
"Behaviour Modelling and Anomaly Detection in Smart-Home IoT Devices".
Sandesh Manganahalli Jayaprakash Thesis
Bachelor theses
"New Approach for Cyber Attack Identification Based on a Machine Learning Anomaly Detection Model and a Security Dashboard".
Sònia Leal Díaz (Ramon Llull University)
"SeqClu: Real-time sequence clustering using online K-medoids algorithm".
Silviu Fucarev, Rami Al-Obaidi, Ruben te Wierik
"Malware behavior discovery using unsupervised machine learning".
Jonathan Garack, Mikhail Epifanov, Johannes Hagspiel, Sung kyung Park, Hugo de Heer